Renting an Expensive Car

Depending on what city you live in or near will determine how much you can rent an exotic car and how easy it will be for you to get a rental.

Cities like Miami, New York, Vegas, Los Angeles, and other hip cities will have a lot more options in terms of exotic car rentals as well as the amount of inventory available. The most common exotic cars people are renting out these days are Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, Bentleys, & Maseratis. The new SUV addition to the Lamborghini family has the exotic car rental game becoming that much easier for wealthy adults with children to drive around in style as well.

As sports cars are usually the go-to for rentals, there are some cars that are just hard to come by where you can rent it out. Mclaren & Bugatti are prime examples of this. Supercars that are even apt for racing can be extremely difficult to rent, much less available in any city in the US. With the ticket price extremely high and the speed extremely fast, these beasts are not easily found in the wild, therefore making it even more rare for a Bugatti or Mclaren driver to be a rental driver.

Next time you’re out and about in a big city, take note of the amount of Lamborghinis you see as compared to Bugattis or Mclarens. Many people rent out Lamborghinis to stunt on their city, while Bugatti and Mclaren owners are those will the real cash. Mclaren is not as known as Lamborghinis, however those versed in Mclarens know the car game. These owners don’t care as much for the attention as they do for the car, which makes Mclaren Automotive’s pristine reputation that much cleaner. We love this car and urge any one who can get their hands on a test drive to do so as soon as you get the chance.

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